Sunday, March 14, 2010

only on a Sunday

The way things are going I should have titled my blog “Only on a Sunday” as I have found it difficult to post anything before now.

Many years ago I cancelled my cable TV service and managed to remain cable free for almost two years. It was difficult but I survived, as did my children at the time. Of course they had other sources to watch TV, yet I think they were better off without it. It certainly resolved the fighting over the TV, one of the reasons I cancelled in the first place.

Of course, a few years after living in a TV free zone, I capitulated and reinstated cable TV, only this time, multiple TV’s with multiple options. I was instantly sucked back into that vortex; the boob tube became my Golden Idol once again.

This past Tuesday, I cancelled cable, again because of my kids. Not that they were fighting, but no one was actually watching it at all. Myself included because we were now watching TV episodes on our computers. I beefed up our internet usage and said au revoir to cable TV.

I will admit the first night was hard. I went through a bit of withdrawal, a very large glass of wine later, I was fine.

Both of my kids are pleased that the cable is gone. Not to improve their circumstances, but now one TV is the designated DVD monitor and the other has become my son’s vehicle to hook up several video game systems. Honestly. I somehow think they may have duped me to commandeer my TV’s to their devices.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

blog virgin

I was discussing Facebook with a few friends yesterday and we came to the conclusion that for the most part it was a waste of our time. Our time, not necessarily anyone else's. I do have an account, thanks to my daughter who is determined to keep me au courrant, or at least one more way to connect with her despite the fact she lives with me. I do go onto Facebook, not daily, but because, again, credit goes to my daughter, she added a Facebook app on my iPhone and I am curious as to what the very few friends on it are up to. In many ways, it's important, at least to me, to be part of the zeitgeist.

I digress. My good friend TK many years ago fantasized about hosting salons. Gathering up the bright and shinny people in her home to eat, drink and be quippy. Imagine, honest to god interfacing, in person. Not that it doesn't happen anymore, but this cyber world has tended to create a whole new dimension of communication options. I, for one, enjoy the personal contact and meeting of minds, snacks included.

Please, don't get me wrong, I am so not anti Facebook, I find that it is an amazing tool. So many ways of getting information out to the masses from many organizations, people trying to do good. My friends and I were commenting on the content that goes on Facebook from some individuals. The things that people really should keep private, close to their hearts. It boggles my mind why someone would write about problems with their significant others. It tends to be too much information and a little creepy.

There is so much information out there, so many ways of accessing it, but I do find that the things that titillate are the first place people will go to. What ever happened to knowledge is power? Unless, of course, the knowledge you desire is daily minutiae of someone’s life so you can go off and gossip ad infinitum with all your other “friends” on Facebook.

I suppose that starting a blog is my version of Facebook because I will be telling family and friends I am doing this. Just another way of getting my words out there.

So, thanks Trudy, this is all your fault.